Enregistreur de température SPY RFID


SPY RFID is a temperature sensor with internal or external probe. 

Placed directly into the package or in a thermo-controlled chamber, it monitors temperature of your product during transport.


  • Measurement range : -30°C à +60°C
  • Accuracy : +/- 0,5°C between 0°C and +60°C and +/- 1°C between -30°C and +0°C
  • Recording interval : from 30s to 24hrs (Nominal 15 min)
  • Resolution : 0,0625 °C
  • Radio band : 433.92 MHz
  • Transmission interval : 6s
  • Backup memory : 16 measurements in rolling memory
  • Battery lifetime : 1 to 6 years (Nominal 3 years)
  • Management of low battery : Automatic technical alert
  • Protection index : IP65 - Delrin
  • Case 2 fixation holes : Diameter: 3 mm – Spacing: 32 mm
  • Weight : 11 grams
  • Compliance : ROHS, CE, EN 12830



  • Long range active RFID (around 15m)
  • Periodic transmission of both ID code and temperature values
  • Delivered with a ISO 17025 calibration certificate


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Do you know

The radio frequency is compatible with all types of walls and all thicknesses. To achieve this, simply follow the installation recommendations.