Temperature monitoring and geolocation of thermosensitive products during transport

Designed for all means of transportation (road, sea and air), the SPY Mobility allows a complete monitoring, from simple shipment of a refrigerated case to long range transport of sensitive goods.

In case of temperature excursions, alarm notifications are sent to different receivers by email or sms/text message to perform corrective actions and save your goods.
Data are transferred to the cloud and can be managed on SIRIUSmobility, the secured web platform accessible by smartphone, tablet or PC.
An intuitive web interface to monitor the temperature of your thermo-sensitive products during the shipment and to locate them in real-time on a map.


Benefits :

  • Easy to install and use
  • Manage alarms in real-time and transmit alerts by SMS text message/e-mail
  • Exploitation on smartphone, PC or tablet
  • ISO 17025 calibration of temperature probe by simple exchange

SPY mobility, temperature recorder and geolocation

The SPY mobility is a temperature and hygrometry recorder which allows to locate your thermosensitive product during transport. It is composed of GPS/GPRS device and a 4th generation temperature digital probe with an high metrological quality to meet the requirements for monitoring thermo-sensitive products.

It is adapted for :

  • Refrigerated vehicle
  • Refrigerated container
  • Isothermal box
  • Cryogenic tank
  • Refrigerator and freezer
  • Pallet of thermosensitive goods
  • Refrigerated display cabinet

Temperature monitoring at each time of the transport

SIRIUSmobility web platform allows to monitor temperature and geolocation of your goods at each step of transport.
The interface is user-friendly and offers a simplified dashboard which presents the situation of your products in. The temperature data recorded by the SPY mobility recorder are presented in a graph with alarm thresholds and can be monitored during the transport.
The solution includes the geofencing function. Notifications can be sent to the operator when the SPY Mobility is detected on set areas POIs.
To meet quality requirements, reports of shipment can be edited in PDF format, to track events encountered during transport : alarms, POIs crossed, temperature measurements...


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