Verigo, the sensor designed for the cold chain monitoring

The Verigo wireless sensors monitor temperature and humidity of sensitive products in supply chain.

Through packs or containers, Pods communicate via Bluetooth (BLE) communication with a smartphone or tablet to view, analyze, synchronize and share data on the Verigo application.

 img verigo bulles

Monitor and track: Pods give a complete supply chain visibility and
 - Let see the conditions inside of your shipments and spaces and help make fast decision in case of temperature excursion
 - Allow users to view all Pods up to 30 meters away in real time
 - Send PDF and CSV reports directly from mobile device on-demand

Access data fast via the Verigo's app for AndroidTM or iOSTM on a smartphone or tablet :
 - Configure pods, thresholds excursion, SMS/ Mail alerts
 - Access records anywhere
 - Analyze data and visualize trends

View and share
 - Data is sent to the cloud and stored automatically allowing users to search complete records of all Pod data from anywhere 
 - All Pods attached on one account can be consulted by differents autorized people
 - View in real-time when and where shipments are received thanks to the Verigo's app using GPS on a mobile


img Focus applicationPC Verigo

Verigo Pods can be set, overviewed and synced via the PC Tool Verigo

Download PC tool Verigo pilot

Download user manual