Our Temperature monitoring solutions are designed to meet your needs

In order to meet the requirements of the regulations, we have developed a wide range of wireless temperature recorders, temperature monitoring solutions during the storage and transport phases.

Our solutions are adapted to your needs and answer to your technical or environmental constraints. We have developed several types of temperature recorders functioning with different communication and operating modes.

Our Connected Solutions and Radio Frequency Temperature Recorders

The SPY RF range is composed by several models of measuring instruments: wireless temperature recorders, wireless temperature and humidity recorders ... to monitor various physical parameters during the storage phase. They communicate via radiofrequency with modules and alarm devices.

When thresholds are exceeded, alerts are sent via SMS, e-mail and voice calls. The measurements are sent to the secure SiriusWeb platform, accessible from a PC, a smartphone or a tablet. For application that do not allow the use of measurements via the Internet, the SIRIUS Storage software can be installed on the computer network for local operation.


For the monitoring of the cold chain during the transport phases, the SPY Mobility solution offers the temperature monitoring with a GPS / GPRS geolocation system. It monitors the temperature and locates your thermo-sensitive products during each step of the shipment. Whatever the type of transport, road, sea or air, the SPY Mobility ensures a complete monitoring, from the simple shipment of an isothermal box to long-distance transport.