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Mini Temperature data logger Nano SPY T2 for incubator

Mini Temperature data logger Nano SPY T2 for incubator

The Nano SPY T2 sensor measures and records temperature. It transmits data to a nearby LINK module, by 2.4 GHz radiofrequency communication.

The measurements are then sent automatically to the JRI secure Cloud for hosting, and will be managed on JRI MySirius web application.

If thresholds are exceeded, alerts are transmitted in real time to react immediately.

Designed to monitor thermo-controlled chambers, the sensor can be fixed thanks to its magnet outside of the incubator.

  • Measurement range : -50°C to +105°C
  • Temperature measurement accuracy : ±0.2°C from +30°C to +50°C and ±0.5°C out of this range 
  • Communication frequency : 2,4 GHz
  • Memory : 10 000 data points
  • Sensors : External PT100 probe - Ø5x20mm
  • Dimensions : 63 x 42 x 25 mm
  • Weight : 60 g
  • power supply : Pile Lithium 3,6V replaceable
  • Battery life : 2 to 4 years depending on use
  • Compliance : EN 12830
  • Part nr : 11569_I Nano SPY T2 30cm flat cable - 11570_I Nano SPY T2 3m flat cable

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Discover the innovative JRI MySirius Web application for monitoring LoRa SPY connected temperature sensors

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