The Infrared Portable Thermometer measure without direct contact, the surface temperature of a static, moving or inaccessible target. Easy to use, they provide excellent technical performance. Aim at the target with the pointer function, then pressing the trigger and read the information that appears on a digital backlit display.

The Digital Portables indicators have been specially designed for professionals in the heating, air conditioning and food. They measure different physical quantities. They are handy, accurate, easy to use and perfectly ergonomic. The large LCD display and backlit ensures optimal readability. Metrological services associated ensure high quality of the measurements made.

The Pocket Digital indicators have been developed for specific applications to measure temperature and / or humidity. These indicators are ergonomic, accurate and easy to use.



img focus7JRI realizes cheking report for the infrared indicators

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img focus8As with a camera, the optical settings of an infrared thermometer have to be regulated according to the distance / surface ratio of the target in order to ensure a precise measurement. The farther off the target, the greater the focal distance of the apparatus must be.