Every recorder manufactured by JRI comes with a verification certificate. Checks are conducted to ensure that the measuring instrument complies with stated specifications. The checks are made according to a specific procedure. Calibration results are compared with maximum tolerated differences to then make a decision on conformity.

JRI offers an annual verification of measurement variations. The instrument can be adjusted, restored to manufacturer's specifications and calibrated if not compliant.

JRI's Operations Department controls the variation and incertitude of every measurement system in the SPY RF range, and can guide you in setting threshold values and alarm timers. This guidance avoids you having to change the settings of your threshold values after every calibration.



img Focus CartoWebMake a periodic temperature mapping of your chambers via Internet with CartoWeb.
JRI delivers the materials needed, our metrology service initiates the temperature mapping remotely and you receive your mapping report

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bandeausitewebThe JRI laboratory of metrology is certified ISO 17025 for calibration in temperature

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