Our COFRAC accreditation is our quality guarantee

The significant increase of demand in terms of uncertainty control of measurement chains means using the services of an COFRAC accredited* laboratories to ensure reliable and objective measurements.The COFRAC accreditation* can rely on the reliability of the competence of laboratories. 

Committed to the quality of our metrological services, our laboratory of metrology is COFRAC accredited* :

• for calibration and verification on temperature range from -80°C to +140°C and at the point -196°C (accreditation N°2. 1943 - available on www.cofrac.fr)

• for temperature mapping and verification of thermostatic chambers according to standards NF X 15140, EN 60068 and FDV 08601 and baths on the temperature range of - 80°C to +140°C (accreditation N°1. 2471 - available on www.cofrac.fr) .

The skills of our metrologists, the equipment they use and the procedures put in place in our laboratory are audited annually by the French Accreditation Committee (COFRAC).

Historical metrological skills

Expert of traceability of measurement for 160 years, JRI offers the realization of metrological services meet the requirements of standards.

With a proprietary technology, JRI has developed 4th generation digital sensors with high metrological quality. These sensors have an internal memory to keep their calibration coefficients and many metrological data.
Despite the very low drift over time (± 0.1°C after one year of use), JRI insures a weekly follow of these probes by taking a sample from each batch, creating a history of change in drift.


* French equivalent of most metrology standards (NIST, UKAS...).


img Focus CartoWebMake a periodic temperature mapping of your chambers via Internet with CartoWeb.
JRI delivers the materials needed, our metrology service initiates the temperature mapping remotely and you receive your mapping report

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Do you know

bandeausitewebThe JRI laboratory of metrology is certified ISO 17025 for calibration in temperature

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