Measurement instruments need to be calibrated regularly to check compliance with requirements set by Standards. A calibration certificate is issued after comparing the measurements given by the instrument and those indicated by the benchmark, taking account of recorded variations and uncertainty calculations.

JRI's fourth generation digital sensors allow for COFRAC calibration in the laboratory by simple exchange, without disrupting your activities or immobilising your equipment.

Our best uncertainties by immersion in a bath are:

  • at -196°C: 0.09°C
  • from -80°C to -40°C: 0.055°C
  • from -40°C to 0°C: 0.037°C
  • at 0°C: 0.037°C
  • from 0°C to 140°C: 0.037°C

Within its COFRAC accredited laboratory for temperature calibration, JRI offers metrological services with the best maximum tolerated variations possible and without polluting sensors by calibration baths.


img Focus CartoWebMake a periodic temperature mapping of your chambers via Internet with CartoWeb.
JRI delivers the materials needed, our metrology service initiates the temperature mapping remotely and you receive your mapping report

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bandeausitewebThe JRI laboratory of metrology is certified ISO 17025 for calibration in temperature

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