JRI performs ISO 17025 temperature mapping and/or checks on thermostatic chambers to periodically ensure stability, homogeneity and to check differences between display value and setpoint value.

This service is offered for a wide variety of Standard references: NF X 15140, NF EN 60068, FDV 08601, temperature ranges and chamber types.
From bath to warehouse, the number of sensors varies 9 measurement points for a volume of ≤2m3 to 15 measurement points for a volume of up to 20m3:
≤2m3: portable container, incubator, freezer, refrigerator, blood bank, -80°C chamber, oven, etc.
≥2m3: cold room or cold storage warehouse


Among other things, the resulting report issued indicates overall incertitude. A decision on conformity is then made, according to the specifications and defined Standard.


Once temperature mapping has been conducted, critical points within the chamber are identified and our JRI technicians can determine better positioning for the installation of monitoring sensors.

JRI can also perform temperature monitoring prior to creating a series of chamber profiles. You can then decide whether it is worthwhile to invest and map a chamber lacking in performance.


img Focus CartoWebMake a periodic temperature mapping of your chambers via Internet with CartoWeb.
JRI delivers the materials needed, our metrology service initiates the temperature mapping remotely and you receive your mapping report

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bandeausitewebThe JRI laboratory of metrology is certified ISO 17025 for calibration in temperature

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