Comply with Regulations and Requirements Specific to Your Business

Regulations regarding the transportation of merchandise vary according to the type of transport: national, international, land, sea or air... It is also mandatory to comply with the standards of the countries crossed.
In order to ensure best monitoring of temperature-sensitive products during transportation, you need a solution which takes account of the distances travelled, means of transport used (own vehicles or subcontracted), practical features such as geolocation in real time or upon reception of merchandise, alerts for temperature incidents or when merchandise received, etc.

Monitoring the Cold Chain Every Step of the Way

JRI offers a wide range of solutions for monitoring temperature-sensitive products during transportation or distribution.
From simple temperature indicator to automated temperature monitoring system with geolocation, JRI has a solution suited to your needs and requirements.


img Focus SPYmobility

SPYmobility is the temperature monitoring solution with geolocation for your thermo-sensitve products

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Do you know 

EN12830All deep-freezer rooms used for storing or for the transportation of perishable food products must have an EN 12 830 compliant temperature recorder.