Stringent Requirements of Pharmaceutical Good Practices

The pharmaceutical industry is required to meet Good Manufacturing and Distribution Practices for temperature monitoring during different logistical stages, as well as apply FDA requirements.
Manufacturing, pharmaceutical processes, storage, transportation to pharmaceutical agents and dispatchers, 'last mile' distribution and management (home healthcare, clinical tests, etc.): each stage of the lifecycle of temperature-sensitive products requires specific monitoring.

Cold Chain: Essential Actions

Cold chain control means taking into consideration:
- Profiles of means implemented (storage areas, transport vehicles, containers or carry cases)
- Constant temperature monitoring using regularly calibrated measurement systems
- Implementation of alarm systems and associated management procedures
- Maintenance of operational state for all means used and associated control instruments

Cold Chain: a Solution for Each Stage

JRI has developed a range of solutions to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical sector for temperature monitoring and traceability during the storage and transportation of sensitive products.
JRI has also developed digital sensors.


img focus5JRI has designed, in collaboration with AP-HP, a wireless traceability system specifically for use in laboratories and pharmacies. This SPY RF® Santé recorder range has a higher metrological level and includes COFRAC accredited calibration certification.

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cerba jriCerba European Laboratory chose the SPY RF Solution for a reliable and innovative monitoring of its equipments

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