Temperature and Relative Humidity Control for Document Conservation

Climate conditions play a very significant role in the conservation of archive documents and museum collections (paintings, sculptures, textiles, etc.).
Variations in temperature and relative humidity can damage objects stored. It is therefore crucial to control temperature and relative humidity to guarantee the protection and conservation of items stored.

For this, it is necessary to:

  • measure temperature and relative humidity,
  • produce a climate map for the building and pinpoint areas at risk,
  • perform regular checks and maintain measurement instruments and special equipment.

Monitoring Solutions for Museums and Document Archives


To identify the most stable areas of a building for storing the most fragile documents and objects, JRI offers temperature and relative humidity monitoring solutions perfectly suited to exhibition areas and archive storage.

JRI can also conduct climate mapping for all types of building, therefore allowing you to take action on the climate conditions of certain areas, if needed.



img Focus CartoWebMake a periodic temperature mapping of your chambers via Internet with CartoWeb.
JRI delivers the materials needed, our metrology service initiates the temperature mapping remotely and you receive your mapping report

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The radio frequency is compatible with all types of walls and all thicknesses. To achieve this, simply follow the installation recommendations.