Compliance with Standard EN 12830 and HACCP Procedures

HACCP defines a food safety method to prevent contamination when handling food. The food hygiene package generalises the implementation of procedures based on HACCP principles to food industry professionals.
Temperature control in cold rooms is mandatory for restaurants and mass caterers. Regulation (EC) No. 37/2005 requires the recording of temperatures in means of storage and transport of refrigerated, frozen and quick-frozen foods. Recording instruments must comply with Standard EN 12830 and be checked periodically in accordance with Standard EN 13486.

Temperature monitoring solutions for Restaurants and Caterings

From portable temperature indicators to a fully automated solution for cold chain monitoring, JRI provides temperature monitoring solutions ideally suited to the needs of caterings and restaurants for the manufacturing and distribution of meals, food storage in cold rooms and linear display cabinets, and more.



img focus chainedufroid agroalimentaireDiscover the wireless monitoring solutions for the cold chain in Food Service

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img asavoir SiriusWeb McDonaldsAdapted to the expectations of Facilities Services, Quality, Environment and Computer of McDonald's France, SiriusWeb meet legal obligation regarding cold rooms monitoring without any manual intervention

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