Strict Requirements for Ensuring Safe Blood Transfusions

Any responsible blood bank must ensure the distribution of safe blood products.

Temperature is an important parameter in guaranteeing transfusion safety.Regulations are very clear on the subject:RBCs must be stored between +2°C and + 6°C, and transported at a temperature below 10°C.

Greater monitoring is needed during RBC storage at blood bank depositaries and medical centres, and during transportation to technical facilities, blood agencies, healthcare institutions and operating theatres.

Monitoring Blood Products at Each Stage of the Transfusion Chain

RI provides temperature monitoring solutions suited to each stage of the transfusion chain:

  • the SPY RF solution offers simple and automated monitoring of your storage facilities
  • SPY USB records and monitors the temperature of blood products during transportation
  • BloodTemp monitors the temperature of blood bags during transportation


img focus5JRI has designed, in collaboration with AP-HP, a wireless traceability system specifically for use in laboratories and pharmacies. This SPY RF® Santé recorder range has a higher metrological level and includes COFRAC accredited calibration certification.

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img Focus CartographieEFSAlpesMediterraneeL'EFS Alpes Méditerranée utilise l'enregistreur de température Mini SPY RF Green pour réaliser la cartographie de ses enceintes thermostatées  

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