A Product Designed for Fire Protection

APSAD reference documents meet the varied needs of safety professionals in France. They specifically apply to the installation of fire and theft protection systems and equipment, as well as rules for safety organisation.

APSAD Rule R1 (edition 07.2008.0) specifies the design, installation and maintenance requirements for obtaining satisfactory performance from sprinkler systems.

JRI has created the 0-16 bar VisioTambour manometer recorder to meet the APSAD requirement of implementing “a manometer recorder graded from 0 to 16 bars, positioned downstream of the alarm valve and a manometer recorder or reader positioned upstream of the shutoff valve”.


thermometre-infrarouThe FZ500 is an infrared thermometer to measure the surface temperature of targets rapprochées.2-years warranty, the FZ500 is the essential tool for daily maintenance operations
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centralefilairewebJRI offers a range of wired devices for monitoring all your physical parameters.

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