A High-Pressure Environment

Natural gas is transported through 16-, 25- or 67-bar pressure transport networks.It is important to monitor and control natural gas pressure during transportation.

A recorder must be integrated at the transport network’s regulator station, comprising safety and regulating devices (valve, pressure regulator, shutoff valve, etc.) to discharge gas to the 4-bar distribution network.

Solutions for Gas Distribution

During hydrostatic tests in the pipes, our equipment record variations of pressure and temperature of the water over a given time period (generally 6 hours or 24 hours).

JRI provides solutions for gas transportation: mechanical pressure and temperature recorders - ATEX models (IP65 models), drum recorders and large disk recorders.


thermometre-infrarouThe FZ500 is an infrared thermometer to measure the surface temperature of targets rapprochées.2-years warranty, the FZ500 is the essential tool for daily maintenance operations
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centralefilairewebJRI offers a range of wired devices for monitoring all your physical parameters.

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