Physical Measurements Expertise for Industrial Production

In order to apply regulations, solutions for the acquisition and monitoring of physical parameters (temperature, RH, pressure, level, etc.) must be used by industrial production.During the manufacturing and storage of raw materials and end products, a reliable system - compliant with in-force regulations - must be fitted to equipment (ovens, freezers, etc.)and installed on premises (laboratory, warehouse, etc.).

JRI offers a variety of monitoring solutions to meet all needs and constraints specific to industry: mechanical recorders, monitoring via radio-frequency, infra-red thermometers and more.


thermometre-infrarouThe FZ500 is an infrared thermometer to measure the surface temperature of targets rapprochées.2-years warranty, the FZ500 is the essential tool for daily maintenance operations
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centralefilairewebJRI offers a range of wired devices for monitoring all your physical parameters.

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