Guarantee the Environmental Conditions Required for the Storage of Your Products

Monitoring the environmental conditions of a storage warehouse varies according to the products stored (negative temperature, to +8°C or +25°C).
USP Standard 1079 sets out the rules for ensuring good storage of pharmaceutical products, from manufacturer to end user. This standard emphasises the importance of environmental controls to maintain medication quality and considers temperature one of the most important factors to control.
A warehouse profile should be prepared, taking account of the hottest and coldest times of the year, in order to identify the sensitive areas of a warehouse and ensure compliance with the temperature and/or humidity ranges requested by suppliers of temperature-sensitive products.

Professional Metrological Services

JRI prepares storage warehouse temperature mappings for various storage volumes, durations and according to different standard references: FD X 15140, NF EN 60068 and FDV 08601.
The temperature mapping is created in several stages. First, an initial series of temperature mapping, restricting activity to inside the warehouse. Then, another series over a longer period of time to detect disruptive elements such as the opening and closing of doors, automatic thawing, thermal inputs from medication storage boxes, staff movements, equipment handling, etc.


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SPYmobility is the temperature monitoring solution with geolocation for your thermo-sensitve products

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EN12830All deep-freezer rooms used for storing or for the transportation of perishable food products must have an EN 12 830 compliant temperature recorder.