Monitoring Storage and Environmental Parameters in Healthcare Institutions

In compliance with Standard ISO 15189, laboratories at healthcare institutions must be equipped with a monitoring and traceability system for storage conditions of its specimens, reagents and other samples.
Whether storage or transportation of temperature-sensitive products such as medication and vaccines, it is also important to respect the cold chain within the pharmacy.
Hygiene Comities, Good Hygiene Pratices and AFNOR recommend controls on various infectious sources. The environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.) in operating theatres and clean rooms should be subject to special monitoring.
JRI brings to you the SPY RF solution to ensure monitoring of storage and environmental conditions in these key areas.
JRI has developed a wide range of monitoring solutions for the transportation of temperature-sensitive products to meet the needs of your working environment.

Mandatory Monitoring of Legionella in Water Systems

Local regulations on the monitoring of Legionella in production, storage and distribution facilities of hot water for sanitary use requires healthcare institutions to constantly monitor water temperature at certain critical points of the network.
JRI brings to you the SPY RF system with its Hygitherm sensor to ensure comprehensive monitoring of your network. Easy to install, the solution allows simple analysis of temperature changes at critical points in the HWD network.

Cold Chain Monitoring From Catering Kitchen to Patient

Healthcare catering kitchens are subject to Regulation (EC) No. 37/2005 of 12 January 2005 which requires means of transport and storage of quick-frozen foodstuffs to be equipped with a temperature recording system compliant with Standard EN 12830. The regulation also requires that recording instruments are periodically checked in accordance with Standard NF EN 13486.
HACCP procedures recommend monitoring temperature in rolls when distributing meal trays.
SPY RF temperature recorders comply with Standard EN 12830 and let you monitor meal tray temperatures throughout the entire distribution circuit.


img focus5JRI has designed, in collaboration with AP-HP, a wireless traceability system specifically for use in laboratories and pharmacies. This SPY RF® Santé recorder range has a higher metrological level and includes COFRAC accredited calibration certification.

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