Stringent Requirements for Laboratories

Standard ISO 15189 specifies the quality and competence criteria to be demonstrated by medical laboratories. The standard requires all medical laboratories (private and public) to be accredited and compliant before 30 October 2016.
This implies implementing and qualifying suitable means, as required by professional standards such as FD X 15140 for mapping. It also implies monitoring these means with suitable measurement instruments, implementing alert procedures and non-compliance management, calibrating measurement instruments and tracing calibration procedures.
All this applies to medical, research and quality control laboratories.


Effective Monitoring System in Compliance with ISO 15189

JRI has developed the SPY RF solution to ensure reliable monitoring compliant with standards for different laboratory equipment:
- Biological and medical cabinets (biological specimens, blood samples, reagents, etc.)
- Freezers, ovens and incubators
- Diagnostic apparatus (environmental monitoring)
- Carry cases
- Liquid nitrogen tanks (-196°C)
- Refrigerated vehicles or packages
- etc.

Offering yet more quality of service, JRI has developed exclusive digital sensors to make mandatory annual calibration procedures easier.


img focus5JRI has designed, in collaboration with AP-HP, a wireless traceability system specifically for use in laboratories and pharmacies. This SPY RF® Santé recorder range has a higher metrological level and includes COFRAC accredited calibration certification.

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cerba jriCerba European Laboratory chose the SPY RF Solution for a reliable and innovative monitoring of its equipments

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